A smart, sparkling clean bathroom that can be placed anywhere.

Throne offers an elevated experience that uses technology and behavioral science to bring bathrooms into the 21st century. Throne provides a modern and clean solution to outdoor venues, events, parks, municipalities and transit, whether you need one or a network of one hundred.

Thrones require no connection to water, sewer or power. They can be dropped-off, picked-up, and moved around (almost) as easily as a porta-potty.

Thrones send notifications to a central dashboard when maintenance issues, abnormal occupancy or servicing needs occur.

Responsive & Prosocial
Realtime user feedback provides cleanliness ratings to inform service operations and promotes accountability by connecting identity to each use.

Clean & Touchless
Throne’s germ-conscious design delights users with a touchless experience from entry to exit.

Thrones incorporate solar power and grey water recycling to enable a full day of normal use without requiring connections to infrastructure.

Plumbed & Portable
A flushing toilet and robust ventilation make Thrones feel (and smell) like a nice indoor plumbed bathroom.

Throne offers holistic servicing plans that take the burden of cleaning, pumping and maintenance off your staff.

Our ADA model exceeds Federal ADA standards and comes with a compliant ramp that can be configured as needed.


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